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Huafei CNC is the best welding roller manufacturer in China. Can accept the manufacture of various welding rollers, and provide pipeline automatic welding solutions.

The welding roller refers to the use of the friction between the weldment and the active roller to drive the circular weldment to rotate to complete the welding of the circular weld. The welding speed can be adjusted by the rotation speed of the active roller on the roller. The rollers should always be kept on the same axis so that the workpiece is not easy to deform and slip when rotating. The welding rollers are mainly divided into self-adjusting welding roller, adjustable welding roller, anti-channeling welding roller, walking welding roller, and long-axis welding roller.

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The self-adjusting welding roller can automatically adjust the swing angle of the wheelset according to the diameter of the workpiece, and can automatically adjust the center. It is mainly used for the assembly or welding of cylindrical workpieces such as pipes, containers, boilers, and oil tanks. , When the welding power supply is matched, the inner and outer longitudinal seams and inner and outer circumferential seams of the workpiece can be welded.

self-adjusting welding roller
self-adjusting welding rollers
Model No. HG1-10 HG1-20 HG1-30 HG1-40 HG1-50 HG1-60 HG1-80 HG1-100
Loading capacity(t) 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Diameter of shell Min.(mm) 350 600 600 600 850 900 900 900
Max.(mm) 3000 4000 4500 4500 5000 5000 5000 5000
Roller speed(m/h) 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60
Motor power(kw) 2*0.25 2*0.37 2*0.37 2*0.55 2*0.75 2*0.75 2*1.1 2*1.5
Speed regulating mode Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control Frequency control
Dimensions Length(mm) Actice 1585 Passive 1450 Actice 2165 Passive 2125 Actice 2410 Passive 2410 Actice 2410 Passive 2410 Actice 2600 Passive 2600 Actice 2600 Passive 2600 Actice 3020 Passive 3020 Actice 3020 Passive 3020
Width(mm) Actice 872 Passive 392 Actice 1010 Passive 425 Actice 1260 Passive 550 Actice 1290 Passive 550 Actice 1360 Passive 590 Actice 1360 Passive 590 Actice 1745 Passive 760 Actice 1770 Passive 760
height(mm) 660 945 1125 1135 1135 1135 1400 1400

The adjustable welding roller consists of a driving wheel and a driven wheel. The active roller operation is controlled and driven by two motors. Through the speed-regulating motor and the speed-regulating controller, the variable frequency speed regulation or electromagnetic speed regulation realizes step-less speed change. The rotation speed of the workpiece can be adjusted to 6-60 meters/hour, which can meet the requirements of manual Welding, automatic surfacing, automatic submerged arc welding, and other different welding needs. The adjustable welding roller can adjust the distance between the main and driven rollers through the screw or screw to meet the welding requirements of different specifications.

adjustable welding roller
adjustable welding rollers
Model HG2-10 HG2-20 HG2-30 HG2-40 HG2-50 HG2-60 HG2-80 HG2-100
Load (T) 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Cylinder diameter Minimum (mm) 300 300 300 300 400 600 800 1000
Maximum (mm) 3000 3500 4000 4500 4500 5000 5500 6000
Roller speed (m/h) 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60 6~60
Motor power (kw) 0.55*2 0.55*2 0.75*2 0.75*2 0.75*2 1.5*2 2.2*2 2.2*2
Speed mode Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control Frequency Control
Dimensions Length(mm) Actice 2250 Passive 1750 Actice 2800 Passive 2200 Actice 2900 Passive 2200 Actice 3000 Passive 2600 Actice 3000 Passive 2600 Actice 3750 Passive 3000 Actice 3500 Passive 3500 Actice 3850 Passive 3600
Width(mm) Actice 600 Passive 460 Actice 620 Passive 480 Actice 620 Passive 480 Actice 650 Passive 500 Actice 670 Passive 520 Actice 720 Passive 530 Actice 750 Passive 550 Actice 870 Passive 600
Height (mm) 550 580 580 720 720 770 800 930

The principle of anti-movement welding roller holder is the axial movement of the weldment on the roller, and the weldment itself is in a spiral motion. If measures can be taken, the left-hand rotation of the weldment can be changed to right hand or right in time. The rotation is changed to left-handed until the weldment no longer makes a spiral movement. The anti-movement welding roller uses a photoelectric encoder to detect the movement amount of the workpiece, and the system controller controls the lifting of the driven roller. The displacement detection frame is placed on one end of the workpiece, and the detection wheel is pressed on the end face of the workpiece (the end face must be processed). The detection wheel can rotate with the workpiece. When the workpiece moves axially, the detection wheel will follow the workpiece, and the photoelectric coding The detector detects the movement amount and direction of the workpiece, and its signal is input to the system controller for processing. The controller will adjust the lifting stroke, lifting speed, and lifting interval time of the driven roller according to the amount of movement, and control up or down according to the direction of movement. The movement of the workpiece always fluctuates between -1.5mm and +1.5mm, so that the movement of the workpiece is limited to a certain range, which can meet the needs of welding.

anti-movement welding roller
anti-movement welding rollers
Model CZE-100 CZE-300 CZE-500 CZE-800 CZE-2000
Tonnage carried 100 300 500 800 2000
Metal wheel size(mm) Φ500x200 Φ800x300 Φ1000x350 Φ1000x400 Φ1100x550
Roller speed(m/min) 100-1000 100-1000 100-1000 100-1000 100-1000
Workpiece diameter(mm) 800-6500 1000-6500 1200-6500 1200-8000 4000-6300
Motor Power(kw) 2x4 2x5.5 2x7.5 2x7.5 2x11

The walking welding roller is based on the self-adjusting welding roller or the adjustable welding roller, and the guide rail is added. The walking welding roller can move back and forth on the guide rail.

walking welding rollers
walking welding roller
Model KT-2 KT-5 KT-10 KT-20 KT-40 KT-60 KT-80 KT-100
Load(T) 2 5 10 20 40 60 80 100
Adapt to the workpiece range (mm) φ200-1800 φ250-2300 φ300-2800 φ500-3500 φ600-4200 φ750-4800 φ850-5000 φ1000-5500
Roller diameter and width Rubber wheel(mm) φ200×80 φ250×100 φ300×120 φ350×120 φ400×120 φ450×120 φ500×120 φ500×120
Metal wheel(mm) 2×φ190×16 2×φ240×20 2×φ290×25 2×φ340×35 2×φ390×45 2×φ440×60 2×φ490×100 2×φ490×100
Roller linear speed (m/h) 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60
Motor power (kw) 2×0.18 2×0.37 2×0.55 2×1.1 2×1.5 2×2.2 2×3 2×4
Adjustable spacing method Adjustable screws
Speed mode Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation or DC stepless speed regulation

long-axis welding roller

The long-axis welding roller is a piece of displacement equipment that uses the friction between the two long-axis rollers and the workpiece to drive the workpiece to rotate. It is suitable for the spot welding of thin-walled, small-diameter, multi-tube weldments and circumferential seams. The rollers are arranged along two parallel shafts, one row connected with the driving device is the driving roller, and the other row is the driven roller.

long-axis welding rollers
long-axis welding roller

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