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Productive wear plate surface overlay welding machine

  • Price: Negotiation
  • Effective transverse welding stroke: 1500mm; Can be customized
  • Effective longitudinal welding stroke: 3000mm; Can be customized
  • Welding speed: 150-1500mm /min
  • Gantry gauge: 3000mm
  • Cross slide trim trip (Electric): 60mm
  • Welding torch up and down stroke (Electric): 260mm
  • Swing speed: 0-2400mm/min
  • Power-driven planker speed up/down: 200mm/min
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Excellent four torch pipe flange circumferential seam welding machine

  • Price: Negotiation
  • Roller surface speed: 0.14-1.4m/min
  • Main drive motor power: 0.18kw
  • Welding workpiece diameter: 250mm—650mm (Maximum flange diameter 900mm)
  • Number of torch: 4
  • Welding workpiece length: 2000≤L≤6000mm
  • Workpiece weight: Less than 2000kg
  • Carrying capacity of bracket: 2000kg (1T per bracket)
  • Bracket lifting speed: 300mm/min (adjustable)
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Affordable cylinder circumferential seam welder

  • Input voltage: 3-phase 5-wire AC 380V /220V 50Hz
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Input capacity: 35.8KVA
  • Welding speed: 0.2~2r/min
  • Rated output voltage range: 15~50V
  • Rated output current range: 60~630A
  • Output no-load voltage: 70V
  • Rated input current: 54A
  • Welding gun angle: Adjustable 0-90 degrees
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Best-selling pipe flange circular seam welder

  • Model: HFBD-05
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Control method: Digital programming control
  • Speed: 0-1500mm/min is set in increments of 1‰
  • Swing amplitude: ±40mm increment unit 0.1mm
  • Swing distance: Slider stroke 5-95mm increment unit 0.1mm
  • Skateboarding trip: 100mm
  • Stop time: Left center right 0-2s increment unit 0.1s
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Tank circumferential seam welding machine

  • Price: Negotiation
  • Tank diameter: 400-1200mm
  • Tank length: ≤2500mm
  • Tank wall thickness: 2-6mm
  • Working status: The welding surface of the workpiece is flat, and the maximum gap of the butt weld is 1-2mm
  • Workpiece surface condition: no oil stains, severe corrosion, etc.
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Plate longitudinal welding machine

  • Price: Negotiation
  • Welding mode: TIG MIG MAG SAW PAW P+T
  • Welding thickness: 1-20mm
  • Welding length: 3000-9000mm
  • Control mode: PLC + touch screen HMI
  • Certification: ISO CE SGS
  • Welding material: Carbon steel; Stainless steel; Aluminum and Alloyed
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Pipe longitudinal seam welding machine

  • Model: ZF-1000/ZF-1500/ZF-2000/ZF-2500
  • Price: Negotiation
  • Welding length(mm): 1000-2500
  • Min. diameter(mm): 100
  • Max diameter(mm): 1000
  • Welding thickness: 0.8-6mm
  • Welding speed: 150-1500 mm/min
  • Speed control: Stepless speed control
  • Transmission mode: Guide rail+gear and rack
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Lifting double-column rotary positioner table

  • Price: Negotiation
  • Loading weight (kg): 5000
  • Turning angle (°): 0~±90
  • Turning speed (r/mm): 0.2-2(Frequency step-less speed regulation)
  • Lifting stroke (mm): 2000
  • Manual control box cable length (m): 15
  • Power supply: 3ph,AC380V (±10%) 50Hz
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