Model: 1530/1840
Price: Negotiation
Cutting accuracy: ±0.05
Certification: CE, ISO
Motor type: Servo motor
Effective cutting range: 1500*3000mm / 1800*4000mm
Cutting mode: Plasma cutting + Flame cutting
Driven system: Single / Double-side servo driven system
Plasma cutting thickness: Depends on the power source

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Product Introduction For CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:

CNC plasma cutting machine is automatic cutting equipment that combines CNC control technology and plasma cutting technology into one. The CNC plasma cutting machine has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, miniaturization, lightness, and modular structure. The machine uses a numerical control system to control the left and right movement of the cutting torch and can cut non-ferrous metals with arbitrary graphics. The CNC plasma cutting machine has low investment and low operating costs. So, it is often used in production lines and automation solutions. Huafei CNC will provide you with various models of customized CNC plasma cutting machines.

Advantages Of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:

cnc plasma cutter plasma torch

Low cutting cost

Our CNC plasma cutting machine is designed to consume less energy and cut thicker metal materials. Moreover, the service life of the wearing parts is long, and the cutting cost is lower than that of the fiber laser cutting machine. Our machine design is also very compact, which is the perfect complement to save space, thus forming a quick and orderly working environment.

High cutting efficiency

Our CNC plasma cutting machines are manufactured with cutting efficiency and speed in mind. Each plasma cutting machine is designed to break the limit and reduce cutting costs for metal service processors without sacrificing quality.

cnc plasma cutters crossbeam
cnc plasma cutters plasma torch

Long-lasting durability

When cutting quality and consistency mean everything, HUAFEI CNC will never let you down. We use a high-quality plasma cutting power supply as the energy source of the CNC plasma cutting machine, and the specially designed frame is your guarantee for high-quality cutting. Our machines have proven reliability and stability in daily use.

Simple intererface

The experience and user interface are something that separates a smooth production process from one that is choppy and tedious. At Accurl, we ensure a simplified experience and a high-quality production process.

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • The most advanced plasma systems
  • Automatic change of cutting angle
  • Automatic blade gap change
  • Sheet support feature selection
  • cnc plasma cutters CNC system

    Optional configuration of CNC plasma cutting machine:

    cnc plasma cutting machines

    Dust removal table

    Dust is generated when cutting with plasma. The dust removal table can absorb, process, and purify the dust to meet the local smoke and dust emission standards and avoid environmental pollution.

    Flame cutting torch

    The equipment can also be equipped with a flame-cutting torch. The flame cutting process can use acetylene, propane, and natural gas to cut 2-300mm carbon-containing metals, which is ideal for thick plate processing.

    cnc plasma cutter plasma and flame torch
    cnc plasma cutter 2


    We can also install a drill on the plasma cutting torch. The machine can complete both cutting and drilling operations at one time, reducing labor input costs.

    Machine Technical Parameters of CNC plasma cutting machine:

    Model 1530 1840
    Effective cutting width (mm) 1500 1800
    Overall width (mm) 2000 2400
    Effective cutting length (mm) 3000 4000
    Total length (mm) 4000 5000
    CNC system American Hypertherm system or Shanghai Jiaotong University system or according to your choice
    Cutting method Plasma cutting and flame cutting
    Cutting speed 0-6000mm/min
    Plasma power American famous brand or according to your requirements
    Plasma cutting thickness According to the power supply you choose
    Cutting table Can choose normal workbench or dust removal table

    Machine Technical Parameters of CNC plasma cutting machine:

    1. Rail installation accuracy:
    1) Straightness accuracy of main rail ±0.2mm / 10m
    2) The levelness between the two guide rails ±0.5mm / 10m
    3) The longitudinal level of the main rails ±0.2mm/m; ±2mm/total length
    4) Parallelism between two guide rails <±2mm /gauge
    2. Machine accuracy:
    Longitudinal effective stroke >Nominal size 20mm
    Effective horizontal stroke >Nominal size 10mm

    Cutting Video of CNC plasma cutting machine:

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