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What is a overlay welding machine?

An overlay welding machine is a machine with surfacing repair and external tungsten carbide and other hard alloy surface coating strengthening functions. The machine can be used to surfacing the wear surface of the roller surface, the surface of the roller or the workpiece, surfacing wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, other alloy materials, or repair the surface wear of the equipment. The machine is easy to operate, and one machine is multi-purpose. In addition to the surfacing repair function, it can also strengthen the surface coating of tungsten carbide and other hard alloys. The machine is mainly used in cement, power, steel, mining, petrochemical, and other industries. It is aimed at the hard surface repair work of the wear-resistant lining of large-scale vertical mills, coal mills, continuous casting rollers, and other wear-resistant equipment.


How does the overlay welding machine work?

Why choose our Overlay welding machine?

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