Innovative circular seam welder for sale

We are a manufacturer of circular seam welder. We provide users with automated solutions for tanks and cylinders to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.

What is a circular seam welder?

The circular seam welder can be used for high-quality welding of carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and its alloys, and can choose argon arc welding (filled or non-filled wire), gas-shielded gas welding, plasma welding, etc. The welding power source constitutes a set of the automatic seam welding system. It can be widely used in the welding of hydraulic cylinders, automobile steering frames, transmission shafts, gas cylinders, chemical, and medical containers, liquefied gas tanks, fire fighting equipment, mining, and production line rollers, and liquid cylinders.


How does the circular seam welder work?

How to choose the right circular seam welder?

1. Feasibility analysis of automatic welding equipment for circular seams, considering whether the welding parts are standard, whether the welding thickness meets the welding requirements, and the amount of welding.
2. If you don't understand the welding process, you can test the welding effect and welding efficiency through trial welding.
3. What kind of circular seam welding equipment is needed. If you only weld one kind of workpiece for a long time, you can consider special welding equipment. If you need to take into account the welding of other workpieces, you can consider the universal automatic welding equipment for circular seams.
4. Adhere to the principle of "applicable is good". A round seam welding, if you use a 6-axis manipulator to weld for a long time, it is a little overkill.

Why choose our circular seam welder?

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