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What is a welding rotator?

The welding rotator is an auxiliary welding device, which uses the friction between the weldment and the active roller to drive the cylindrical (or conical) weldment to rotate. It is mainly used on a series of large machines in heavy industry. The machine is composed of a base, an active rotator, a driven rotator, a bracket, a transmission device, and a power device drive. The transmission device drives the active roller and uses the friction between the active rotator and the cylindrical workpiece to drive the workpiece to rotate to achieve displacement, which can realize the horizontal position welding of the inner and outer circumferential seams of the workpiece. The supporting welding robot can realize automatic welding, which can greatly improve the welding. Seam quality reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. The machine can also be matched with manual welding or as a device for detecting and assembling cylindrical workpieces.


How does the welding rotator work?

How to choose the right welding rotator?

Before selecting the welding rotator, first, determine the size and weight of the workpiece that needs to be rolled. Generally speaking, the rotator of the welding rotator is mainly divided into three types: polyurethane wheels, steel wheels, and steel + polyurethane wheels. It should be noted that when the workpiece is above 100T, try to choose the steel wheel or steel + polyurethane wheel rotator because the use of polyurethane wheels is easy Damage to the rotator.
After determining the size and weight of the workpiece, it is necessary to investigate the strength of this factory and whether its price is reasonable. Because the welding rotator's service life is generally longer, in addition to the price and company strength, we also need to investigate the factory's after-sales service.

Why should choose our welding rotator?

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