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Huafei CNC is a professional manufacturer of welding positioners. Welding positioners can be used alone or together with automation equipment. We provide customized services for your welding positioner projects.

What is a welding positioner?

The welding positioner is a kind of position changing machine that can turn the weldment and turn it over so that the weld seam on the weldment is always in the easy welding position. Reasonable use of welding positioners can improve welding efficiency, improve welding quality, and reduce the labor intensity of welders. At the same time, it is also important to process equipment indispensable to realize the mechanization and automation of the welding process. The welding positioner can be used in conjunction with a welding robot or a welding manipulator to form an automated welding center.


What are the classifications of welding positioners?

The classification of welding positioner mainly includes benchtop welding positioner, L type welding positioner, single-axis rotary welding positioner, double column welding positioner, lifting type double column welding positioner, etc., and the other benchtop welding positioners are also divided into small benchtop welding positioners and large benchtop welding positioners according to different loads.

How does the welding positioner work?

How to choose the right welding positioner?

1.The weight of the welding positioner and the center of gravity and eccentricity of the weldment on the entire work surface should be within the corresponding data range, and a certain capacity must be ensured.
2.If the optional welding positioner is for circular seam welding, the rotation speed should be considered according to the groove of the weldment, and the speed should be within the range of the positioner rotation speed adjustment. Is it possible to satisfy the entire process for smooth operation?
3.If the size of the entire weldment of the welding positioner is relatively large on the outer contour, then you need to consider the inclination of the worktable, or whether the inclination angle can meet the best welding position of the weldment, etc. When contact occurs between the inclined corner and the weldment, when selecting the workbench, it needs to have a larger gap from the ground, to ensure the processing requirements of the entire welding.
4.When it is necessary to start the welding positioner, install the electromagnetic fixture and water-cooled equipment, you should first adjust it with the manufacturer.
5.For the welding current requirements of the welding positioner, the welding parts with relatively large current are required.

Why choose our welding positioner?

1.All machine parts are from well-known brands, excellent processing and assembly technology, strict quality control;
2.Has rich experience in the field of CNC welding and cutting, providing customized solutions;
3.We provide all aspects of pre-sales and after-sales service;
4.Has a professional technical team, dedicated to the research and development of metal processing and welding. There is a research room and a sample testing center, which can independently conduct customized testing of the equipment.