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The welding manipulator is a machine used to weld the ring and longitudinal joints of large pipelines. The welding method is optional, and the welding length can be customized in various specifications.

What is a welding manipulators?

The whole machine of the welding manipulator adopts a cross-shaped structure. The beam of this structure can be adjusted up and down electrically and telescopically. It sends and holds the welding head or welding gun at the position to be welded, or a device that moves the flux along the specified trajectory at the selected welding speed. Machines are generally composed of uprights, beams, slewing mechanisms, trolleys, and other components.


What are the classifications of welding manipulators?

The machine can be combined with the welding rotator, welding positioner, etc. to automatically weld the inner and outer ring seams, fillet welds, and inner and outer longitudinal seams of the workpiece. The configuration includes fixed, fixed rotary, fixed-mobile, and mobile rotary four types. The structure can be selected according to the user's needs and equipped with various welding machines and additional auxiliary functions such as tracking, swinging, monitoring, flux recovery, and transportation, etc.

How does the welding manipulators work?

How to choose the right welding manipulators?

When choosing a welding manipulator, we must pay attention to the influence of the brand, because to a certain extent, the brand is equal to quality. The quality of the machine is the life of the production line and the guarantee of efficiency. The object of consideration must be those manufactured by regular manufacturers of large brands. Second, we must pay attention to the after-sales service of the manufacturer. The level of service is an important standard for customers to measure the added value of manufacturers. The more comprehensive the service system, the more guaranteed it is during production.

Why choose our welding manipulators?

1.Perfect after-sales service, regular technical return visits to ensure product quality;
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