How to use the longitudinal seam welding machine correctly?

How to use the longitudinal seam welding machine correctly

To keep the longitudinal seam welding machine in a perfect working condition, give full play to the equipment performance, ensure the normal operation of production, and ensure safe production, the equipment operator and related personnel must follow this procedure.

1. The operator must hold a welding operation certificate to work

2.Preparation work before starting the longitudinal seam welding machine

1) The workplace must maintain air circulation to prevent users from lacking oxygen due to the use of working gas.
2) Do not stack flammable materials in the workplace to prevent fire.
3) Check whether the shell of the longitudinal seam welding machine is grounded and whether the cable is damaged.
4) Check whether the connection points of the longitudinal seam welding machine are loose and whether there is equipment burned due to poor contact.
5) Confirm whether there is gas in the protective gas and whether the pipeline is leaking.

CNC longitudinal seam welding machine

3. Longitudinal seam welding machine operation and related operations

1) Install the electric heating type CO2 gas pressure reducer as required.
2) It must be preheated for 5-10 minutes before use.
3) Slowly open the valve on the gas cylinder (speed is about 5 degrees/second), then you can observe that the pointer of the pressure gauge slowly rises, and then stops on the appropriate scale.
4) Close the air switch of the electrical box of the equipment to power on the equipment, and check whether the electrical box and the fuselage are leaking.
5) Check whether the indicator light on the side of the electrical box is normal, and proceed to the next step after finding the abnormality.
6) Check whether the gearbox is filled with lubricating oil, if any abnormalities are found, it must be dealt with according to the maintenance specifications of this gearbox.
7) Carry out the equipment idling, check the reduction box, gear, motor, and other transmissions for abnormal noise and overheating. If the abnormality is found, it must be eliminated and then proceed to the next step.
8) Select the correct working status on the operation panel: "Debug" gear is suitable for manual control operations of the machine; "Auto" gear is suitable for programmed automatic welding operations.
9) Adjust the appropriate parameters (table rotation speed) and correct steering, start the equipment for normal operation and operation.
10) Function selection and partial parameter setting can be performed on the control panel of the longitudinal seam welding machine.
11) The corresponding function of the control panel of the longitudinal seam welding machine has indicator lights, and the corresponding operation can be performed when the corresponding indicator lights are lit during use. (Pay special attention to when the welding machine is overheated, the internal temperature indicator will be lit. At this time, pay attention to control the use time of the welding machine or suspend the use of the equipment).

4. The use of longitudinal seam welding machine matters needing attention

1) Read the instructions carefully before use and lubricate the corresponding points; use without lubrication is strictly prohibited.
2) When working, the electric cables must be connected firmly and reliably to ensure good conduction.
3) The program controller is operated by keys, and the display screen should be protected from oil pollution, heat sources, and corrosive media.
4) Avoid contact between welding cables and metal objects on the ground to prevent short circuit of the welding machine output.
5) To avoid the deformation of the welding machine by impact, do not stack heavy objects on the welding machine.
6) If you notice any abnormality during operation, please stop the operation immediately. Notify the equipment maintenance personnel to continue using it after the handling is normal.

CNC longitudinal seam welder

5. Machine operation of longitudinal seam welding machine

1) Close the gas valve on the cylinder, release the residual gas in the pressure reducer, and reset the pressure gauge pointer on the pressure reducer to zero.
2) Press the stop button, turn off the power switch, and air source switch in turn.
3) Completely clean the machine and the ground to ensure the site is tidy.

6. The longitudinal seam welding machine needs regular maintenance and repair

The equipment is repaired once a year and maintained every three months.
1. Fully clean, check adjustments, machinery, electrical appliances, pneumatic systems, and timely replace or repair worn out and deformed parts to eliminate deformation.
2. Check and clean all lubrication parts, replace lubricating oil, and clean filters.
3. The repaired and maintained equipment should meet the standards of intact equipment.

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