12 purchase guides for welding positioners you don’t know

welding positioner

The welding positioner is a very important auxiliary equipment in welding auxiliary equipment, usually used in conjunction with welding manipulators and welding robots. The welding positioner is mainly to improve the welding accuracy of the weldment so that the welding position and welding speed are maximized.

Various types of welding positioner

1. First, you need to determine the model of the welding positioner to be purchased. Due to the diverse styles of welding positioners, there are L-shaped welding positioners, seat welding positioners, single-axis welding rotary positioners, double-column welding positioners, and other models, which are suitable for different weldment structures.
2. If the purchased welding positioner is to carry out circumferential seam welding, the speed of rotation should be considered according to the welding seam of the weldment. The speed should ensure that within the scope of the adjustment of the positioner's speed ratio, there are also stable regulations for the operation of the work platform and whether the production and processing of all processing techniques can be considered.
3. If the specifications of all-welded parts of the welding positioner on the outer wheel gallery are too large, the distance from the ground must be large, so that the production and processing regulations for all welding can be ensured.
4. For the welding positioner, the welding current must be larger than the welding current.

Welding positioner work bench

5. The manufacturer should be the first to communicate, and the welding positioner must be tested for starting, electromagnetic induction fixtures, and water cooling with the workpiece installed.
6. The net weight of the welding positioner and the distance between the center of gravity and the eccentricity of the weldment on the surface of the worktable should be ensured to be within the scope of relative data and information, and a certain volume should be ensured.
7. Look at the function of the displacement machine, look at whether it is a curve or a straight line when performing a specified translation or vertical movement. It also depends on whether the rotation can be performed continuously or intermittently. Generally, a machine that performs linear motion and can achieve continuous turning is selected.
8. It is necessary to understand the overall speed of the machine when it is in motion, to see whether the speed is fast or slow, whether it is a constant speed motion or a variable speed motion.
9. When the machine completes the action, whether the stability of the machine is good and whether the accuracy is relatively high.

Angle indicator plate of welding positioner

10. It is also necessary to see whether the welding positioner has the function of self-locking, which is to ensure safety when turning over or achieving some relatively large tilt.
11. Be sure to choose the machine produced by the welding positioner manufacturer. The machine produced by the manufacturer will be cheaper than the agent in terms of price and can provide technical support and better after-sales service.
12. If the welding positioner is purchased for linkage with other machinery, it is necessary to consider whether the welding positioner is convenient for linkage with other machinery.
13. Based on the principles of convenient operation, safety and reliability, openness, low operating height, and compact layout, the welding positioner is selected to facilitate the operation and placement of the welding positioner.
14. It is necessary to know what brand of accessories the welding positioner uses. Different brands of rotation accuracy and speed will vary.
These are the matters needing attention in the purchase of welding positioners. If you want to know other information about welding positioners, please contact us.
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