Comprehensive introduction of CNC plasma cutting machine

Comprehensive introduction of CNC plasma cutting machine

What are the advantages of CNC cutting compared with manual cutting?

In the process of mechanical processing, the common methods of plate cutting include manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting, and CNC cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the quality of manual cutting is poor, with large scale storage errors, large material waste, and large follow-up processing workload. At the same time, the working conditions are poor and the production efficiency is low. The profile cutting machine among the semi-automatic cutting machines has better cutting quality. But it needs to use a cutting die, which is not suitable for a single piece, small-batch, and relatively large workpiece cutting. Although other types of semi-automatic cutting machines reduce the labor intensity of workers, they have simple functions and are only suitable for cutting parts with relatively regular shapes. Compared with manual cutting and semi-automatic cutting, CNC cutting can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality, and reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

What factors affect the cutting speed of the CNC plasma cutting machine?

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The main factors that affect the cutting element of the CNC plasma cutting machine are the motor speed and the output power of the plasma power supply.
In the production process, due to the mechanical speed limit of the plasma cutting machine, the cutting efficiency is low, which is rare. If you make a plasma cutting machine by yourself, the cutting speed may be very slow due to the low speed of the optional motor. However, if you buy the machine from a regular manufacturer, this will generally not happen. This is because the manufacturer limits the cutting speed of the machine to a reasonable range when manufacturing the machine.
The cutting speed of the CNC plasma cutting machine is closely related to the choice of plasma power supply. If you want to improve the production and processing efficiency of the CNC ion cutting machine, replacing the plasma power supply will be an economic and direct means. The model of the plasma power supply refers to the output current of the power supply. Depending on the model, the size of the cutting current and the cutting speed is also different. This is to give detailed data based on a specific analysis of actual conditions. Also, the cutting material is different and the cutting speed is also different. Among the common cutting materials, carbon steel and stainless steel have the fastest cutting speed, cast iron has a slightly slower cutting speed, and finally aluminum and copper. Because aluminum and copper have good electrical conductivity, plasma cutting is slower and the cutting ability (cutting thickness) is also poor.

How to deal with the smoke and dust generated by CNC plasma cutting?

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The application of CNC plasma cutting machines in the metal processing industry has become more and more extensive, and it has also brought serious pollution problems. The smoke and dust control of cutting machines is particularly important. The smoke and dust control produced by plasma cutting is mainly divided into dry dust removal and wet dust removal.
Dry dust removal is to place a sliding suction duct on one side of the cutting platform, on which there is a suction opening that can move with the cutting machine. There is a blowing port with a small axial flow fan on the other side of the cutting platform. The blowing port and the suction port are fixed on the cutting machine at the same time and kept in line with the cutting head. Below the cutting platform is an exhaust duct with a vertical board, which always keeps exhausting only at the place where smoke and dust are generated. After the soot enters the purifier, it can meet the emission requirements after being filtered and purified.
Wet dust removal is to make the cutting platform into a water table that can be raised and lowered, and the steel plate is immersed in water for plasma cutting during cutting. Underwater plasma cutting can effectively avoid product smoke and arc hazards during cutting. However, the smoke and dust will settle into the water, and the wastewater of the cutting thickness needs to be treated additionally. Also, if underwater plasma cutting is used, it is necessary to choose a relatively large cutting current when choosing a plasma power supply.

What is the development direction of the CNC plasma cutting machine?

The requirements of CNC plasma cutting machines for cutting quality and cutting accuracy of sheet metal are continuously increasing, and the functional requirements for CNC plasma cutting machines with high intelligence are also increasing. Advanced plasma cutting technologies such as large underwater plasma cutting machines and fine plasma cutting machines have developed rapidly. Under the condition of ensuring the cutting quality, the cutting thickness will become thicker and the cutting precision will be higher and higher.

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