How to adjust the flame of the CNC flame cutting machine?

How to adjust the flame of the CNC flame cutting machine

The CNC flame cutting machine is the blanking equipment for the processing of many large workpieces, and it is also the main processing equipment for the first process. Reasonable flame setting can reduce the processing difficulty of subsequent procedures and improve the quality of workpieces. The cutting quality of different equipment is not the same. The reason is that the flame pressure setting needs to be adjusted continuously, rather than simply setting a set of values. So how to adjust the flame of the CNC flame cutting machine to improve the cutting quality?

Air pressure parameter setting of CNC flame cutting machine

CNC flame cutting machine gas control system

The cutting speed, gas consumption, pressure, and other values ​​specified by the CNC flame cutting machine are all average values. However, the machine may operate higher or lower than these average values, and the operator should grasp the cutting speed and pressure parameters in time-based on these characteristics. Especially the rust dust and oxide layer will reduce the cutting oxygen, and the incorrect flame adjustment will cause deviations in the cutting speed and quality.
Oxygen and fuel gas pressure regulator valves must be installed on the air supply port. These valves can easily control the working pressure required by oxygen gas. When accurately adjusting the pressure value, it must be done while the torch is working. Using unreasonable working pressure will cause defects such as low cutting efficiency or poor cutting surface.
The quality of the cutting oxygen jet by the CNC flame cutting machine is the decisive factor for obtaining a good cut. If the oxygen jet of the CNC cutting machine is right in the middle of the heating flame, and you can easily see a cutting jet that is almost completely conical, it means that the cutting jet is adjusted correctly. If the cutting jet disperses like a broom after leaving the cutting nozzle or is completely invisible, this is a phenomenon that the cutting nozzle is blocked. When cleaning the cutting nozzle, it is recommended to use the cutting nozzle needle provided by the manufacturer. Using improper tools can cause damage to the cutting tip.

Fire adjustment operation of CNC flame cutting machine

flame cutting machine cutting torch

When the CNC flame cutting machine opens the heating oxygen valve and the gas valve, it needs to ignite the sprayed mixed gas. Adjust the appropriate temperature, use a weak heating flame to cut thin plates, and use a stronger heating flame to cut thick steel plates. If the cutting edge starts to melt and there is residual water drop-like metal hanging on it, forming a string of melted balls, it means that the heating temperature is too high. In the cutting work, if the heating flame is too weak, it will crackle, which will cause damage to the cut and even tempering. If the heating flame is adjusted properly, the cutting flame jet will appear clean and sharp.
Another important factor in obtaining good cutting quality is to set the correct distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece. When the top of the primary flame (the core of the flame) is about 1 mm above the workpiece, it is the ideal distance between the cutting nozzles. The distance between the cutting nozzles depends on the size of the cutting nozzle. It should be between 3 and 10 mm when using acetylene, and between 6 and 12 mm when using other fuel gas. The preheating time required for cutting or perforating from the edge of the steel plate depends on the type of gas, the surface quality of the steel plate, and the adjustment of the heating flame. This is one of the key parameters to ensure the processing quality of the CNC flame cutting machine. It requires multiple operations and uses by equipment operators to control. Also, before starting to cut, the operator first checks the cutting program, simulates the running of the cutting track, and selects the starting point for cutting. Determine whether the cutting torch starts from the edge of the steel plate or cuts with perforations.
It should be noted that when the CNC flame cutting machine moves, first check whether there are other stacks or raised cutting waste on the cutting table. The machine can only move after removing these foreign objects. This can prevent the torch from hitting obstacles and causing the torch to bend or damage other parts. Before leaving the factory, each cutting torch has undergone a flashback safety inspection. If you use a damaged cutting nozzle to cut, you will lose safety. In this case, the flame may return to the torch.
When the cutting torch needs to be closed after a working procedure is over, it must be closed in the order of the cutting oxygen solenoid valve, the gas two-way valve, and the preheating oxygen two-way valve. Raise the cutting torch and move the machine to enter the next cutting program. When the work is over, you need to move the machine to the middle of the guide rail, and then turn off the main air source and power supply.

The main points of air pressure control of CNC flame cutting machine

CNC flame straight cutting machine

High-quality oxygen cutting should be smooth in the form of cutting wave marks, with fine wave marks and almost no cutting defects. A simple way to evaluate the quality of the cut is to compare the cut surface samples. Or visually observe the roughness of the cut surface as Ra12.5. The operator must always pay attention to the correct spacing of the cutting nozzle and adjust it when the steel plate is deformed or not parallel. When using propane or natural gas as gas and the cutting thickness reaches 50mm, the height of the cutting nozzle should be doubled.
The key to flame regulation is the gas source. Most of the oxygen at the processing site of the general enterprise supplies oxygen to the pipeline and the purity and pressure of the oxygen can generally meet the requirements for use. However, the gas is mostly supplied in bottles, and the gas source is changed midway. It may cause large fluctuations in the gas pressure, which will affect the gas flow and cause abnormal cutting quality.

In addition to controlling the air pressure, the method of adjusting the flame of the CNC flame cutting machine is also related to different steel grades. It needs to be adjusted according to the characteristics of different steel grades, but they are inseparable from the control of air pressure and the quality of the equipment. Jinan Huafei CNC's main products are various intelligent automatic welding and cutting equipment. If you have any purchase requirements, you can leave a message on our website or call for a consultation.

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