How to choose a suitable plasma cutting power supply?

How to choose a suitable plasma cutting power supply

There are many types of power supplies for CNC plasma cutting machines. The purchase cost of different power supplies is indeed very different. Therefore, you must make clear and careful consultation before buying, so that you can buy the most suitable CNC plasma cutting equipment.
The cutting quality of the CNC plasma cutting machine is closely related to the quality of the power supply. A good power supply is the guarantee of good cutting quality. In the absence of knowledge of plasma cutting machine power supply, how to choose a better plasma power supply? Next, Huafei CNC will explain how to choose a suitable plasma power supply.

Determine the material and thickness of plasma cutting

huayuan plasma cutting power

The first factor to be determined is the thickness of the metal that is most often cut. Most plasma cutting machine power supplies are rated by cutting capacity and current. If you usually cut thinner metals, you should consider a low-current plasma cutting power supply.
When choosing a low-current plasma power supply to cut thicker metals, the cutting quality may not be preserved. This situation is caused by a variety of reasons. It may be that the cutting speed is too fast, or the metal thickness may exceed the optimal cutting thickness of the power supply. Every plasma cutting power supply has the best cutting thickness, so make sure it suits your requirements. Generally speaking, the optimal cutting thickness of the power supply is 60%-70% of the limited cutting thickness.

The duty cycle of plasma cutting power supply

If you want to cut for a long time or cut automatically. Need to make sure to check the machine's workload continuity rate. The calculation method of the load duration is the continuous working time before the cutting machine is overheated and needs to be cooled. The workload duration is usually determined as a percentage based on a standard of 10 minutes. For example, a 60% duty cycle with a current of 100 amperes means that you can cut for 6 minutes at a current output of 100 amperes (10 minutes is 100%). The higher the workload duration, the longer you can continue cutting.

Plasma cutting power supply wearing parts loss and life

There are various external parts on the plasma cutting torch that need to be replaced, usually, we call them vulnerable parts. The machine you need to look for should be the one that consumes the least wearing parts. Less consumption of wearing parts means lower cutting costs.

Requirements for cutting quality

hypertherm plasma cutting power

Due to the characteristics of the plasma arc itself, plasma cutting will make the cutting melting point larger on the upper side and smaller on the lower side, and the cut section will always have a certain slope. In ordinary plasma, the slope is generally 6-8°. Plasma power sources are divided into ordinary plasma, fine plasma, and laser-like plasma according to the perpendicularity of the cutting section and cutting accuracy. The cutting quality is related to the price. The higher the cutting quality, the higher the price of the plasma cutting power supply.

Cable length of plasma cutting power supply

Kjellberg plasma cutting power

Consider the distance between the cutting torch and the plasma cutting power source in the full range of the cutting process. If the cable is too long, the arc punching and cutting ability of the cutter will be reduced.

In general, if the required cutting quality is high, Kjellberg plasma cutting power supply is recommended. If the cutting quality and price are more moderate, you can choose a Hypertherm plasma cutting power supply. If the budget is very limited, you can choose the Huayuan plasma cutting power supply produced in China. Please consult our engineers for the specific current size.

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