The safe operation process of CNC flame cutting machine

The safe operation process of CNC flame cutting machine

The CNC flame cutting machine is the earliest and best CNC cutting equipment. The introduction of flame cutting with numerical control technology realizes the automation of the whole cutting process, significantly improves the cutting quality of steel blanks (size range and cut quality, which can replace part of mechanical processing), and high production efficiency (continuous cutting, multi-gun cutting) and High material utilization (set cutting and blanking).

Work before operating the flame cutting machine

1. Check whether the gas circuits and valves are leaking and whether the gas safety device is effective.
2. Check whether the gas inlet pressure provided meets the requirements.
3. Check whether the supplied power voltage meets the specified requirements.

Operating the flame cutting machine at work

flame cutting machine cutting torch

1. Adjust the steel plate being cut, try to keep it parallel to the track.
2. According to the plate thickness and material, choose the appropriate cutting nozzle. Make the cutting nozzle perpendicular to the steel plate.
3. According to different plate thickness and material, reset the cutting speed and preheating time in the machine, and set the reasonable pressure of preheating oxygen and cutting oxygen.
4. After ignition, do not touch the flame area. The operator should try to adopt cutting methods with small splashes to protect the cutting nozzle.
5. Check the heating flame and cutting oxygen jet. If the cutting nozzle is found to be damaged, it should be replaced and cleaned in time. Use special tools to clean the cutting nozzle.
6. If tempering occurs during cutting, the power should be cut off in time, shut down and the gas valve should be turned off. If the tempering valve is burned, stop using it and wait for the manufacturer or professional personnel to replace it.
7. When the CNC flame operator operates the cutting machine, he must always pay attention to the operating conditions of the equipment. If an abnormal situation is found, he should press the emergency stop switch to exit the work position in time, and it is strictly forbidden to start the machine and leave the scene.
8. The operator should note that after cutting a workpiece, the torch should be lifted back to the original position, and then cut when it runs to the next station.
9. The operator should select the cutting speed according to the provisions of the given cutting elements, and it is not allowed to increase the equipment load for the sole purpose of improving work efficiency, and handle the relationship between equipment life and efficiency and environmental protection.

Operate the flame cutting machine before getting off work

1. Before leaving to get off work, the equipment should be returned to the security position and the air valve should be closed. The residual gas in the pipe should be exhausted and the power supply should be turned off.
2. If the shift system is implemented, the operating status of the equipment on duty should be recorded.
3. The site should be carefully cleaned up to keep the work area clean and orderly.

The daily maintenance of CNC flame cutting machine

CNC flame cutting machine gas control system

1. The track does not allow people to stand, step on, lean on heavy objects, let alone hit, and wipe the track surface with gauze and 20# oil after each shift with compressed air to remove dust. Keep the guide rail surface lubricated and clean at all times.
2. The transmission rack should be cleaned with 20# oil every day, and no particle splashing on the rack is allowed.
3. The operator is only allowed to disassemble the cutting nozzle, and the rest of the parts cannot be disassembled at will. The electrical junction box can only be opened when the relevant personnel is inspected and repaired.
4. If the equipment fails, it should be handled by maintenance personnel in time. If the failure is large, it should be reported to the equipment department to organize relevant personnel to review and determine the maintenance plan. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and inspect without permission.

The safety guarantee that should be paid attention to when operating the flame cutting machine

1. Avoid strong vibration sources around the equipment.
2. The staff are listed on the job, and irrelevant personnel is not allowed to go on the machine, let alone press the keys without authorization, to avoid damage to the machine or program and data loss.
3. When moving the equipment, it should be noted that no decoupling or forward impact is allowed, and any part of the machine including the guide rail cannot be hit.
4. The power source line of the equipment should be used alone, with an AC voltage stabilizing device.
5. Ventilation or replacement of gas and cleaning of the cutting nozzle must be carried out by relevant dangerous gas safety operating regulations.
6. The operator shall not arbitrarily transfer foreign programs into the machine's memory to prevent viruses and only use special software approved by the factory.

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