Advantages and disadvantages of oxygen-natural gas flame

Advantages and disadvantages of oxygen-natural gas flame

For a long time, metal flame cutting has been using acetylene + oxygen process mode or propane industrial gas + oxygen process mode. In the field of industrial cutting, acetylene has been used for a hundred years, but acetylene gas is flammable and explosive and has a low safety factor. The production process consumes energy and water and pollutes the environment. It is used in production, storage, transportation, use, and environmental protection. There are many deficiencies and potential safety hazards. Although the price of propane industrial gas is lower than that of acetylene, because propane has a higher density than air, it will accumulate in low-lying places such as pits and ditches after leakage. It will cause explosion accidents when exposed to open flames or other flammable energy sources.
The construction of pipelines has accelerated the pace of natural gas entering the market, and the continuous expansion of the scale and field of natural gas utilization has gradually improved people's understanding of natural gas. Natural gas, as a clean energy source, has the conditions for flame cutting of steel plates.

Advantages of natural gas cutting

Advantages of oxygen-natural gas flame

The main component of natural gas is methane, which usually accounts for more than 90%. Compared with the currently used propane gas, natural gas has many advantages.
(1) Economy. The replacement of acetylene and liquefied petroleum gas with natural gas as cutting and heating fuels can greatly reduce production costs and have significant economic benefits. The use of natural gas can reduce gas costs by 20% to 30%. It has extensive promotion value in the metal processing industry and the steel industry and has become the future development direction of metal flame cutting.
(2) Stable. Natural gas is transported under reduced pressure through pipelines, with stable pressure, stable heating value, stable operating process conditions, and easy control of the company's fuel cost.
(3) Convenience. Natural gas transported by pipelines is more convenient than propane transported by tankers, can be used continuously, and reduces the auxiliary time required for replacement, so labor efficiency is higher.
(4) Security. Since methane is lighter than air and propane is heavier than air, propane cannot be used in a closed space at the bottom. Methane is much lighter than air and cannot accumulate at the bottom, so it is especially suitable for spaces with an open upper part and a closed lower part. From the explosive limit of Table 1, natural gas is safer than propane gas.
(5) Convenient transformation. The original propane gas cutting equipment can be directly applied to natural gas cutting, and the cutting efficiency and cutting quality are basically the same as those of propane gas.

Disadvantages of natural gas cutting

Disadvantages of oxygen-natural gas flame

(1) The flame temperature of purely natural gas is low, which is not suitable for steel plate cutting. It is necessary to increase the flame temperature before steel plate cutting.
(2) Slow preheating and slow cutting speed. The combustion temperature of natural gas itself can reach 2817℃, which fully meets the requirements for cutting various steels. However, the unit calorific value of natural gas itself is slightly lower than that of propane and acetylene. Therefore, without any improvement, the preheating speed and cutting speed will be slow.
(3) It is easy to produce incomplete cutting when cutting thick plates, and it is very common to drop the gun (due to the unstable pressure, the combustion heat generated is not strong enough, the heat is not enough, and the cutting material cannot be cut through).
(4) Because of the normal conditions of gas cylinder group gas supply and pipeline gas supply, there are problems of pressure instability and pressure attenuation after flowing through the pipeline. When the gas source is far from the flame tool, or when you need to bring multiple cutting torches, there will be no ignition, the pressure and temperature after ignition cannot meet the requirements, and the production cutting of stable cutting cannot be achieved.

The use of natural gas added with a booster has the following characteristics:

1. After the natural gas cutting gas is burned, the products are carbon dioxide and water, no-toxic and harmful substances, no black smoke, no pollution to the air, no poison to the operators, and the operation is extremely simple and safe.
2. The natural gas cutting gas is not easy to temper during use, does not blast, and the explosion range in the air is narrow. The specific gravity of a gas is less than that of air, and it can spread upward in time if it leaks. It is not easy to accumulate in a low-lying area and pose a safety hazard. It is especially suitable for the shipbuilding industry.
3. Natural gas cutting gas is the most energy-saving gas. Data shows that various technical indicators of natural gas welding and cutting gas exceed acetylene and propane gas. In the case of completing the same workload, its low energy consumption and economic benefits are obvious.
4. Natural gas cutting gas is the most economical gas. Compared with all metal welding and cutting gases, the price of natural gas cutting and cutting gas is the cheapest. The use of pipeline gas supply saves users the purchase and transportation costs of steel cylinders and effectively reduces the users' operating costs.
5. Natural gas cutting gas has the functions of acetylene gas cutting, baking, and+ heat treatment.
6. Natural gas cutting gas can be installed on the main natural gas pipeline for centralized use, or on branch pipelines, or installed in workshops that require this type of industrial gas for flexible use, or it can be used for testing by the user in the early development of the market. Our company's natural gas efficiency equipment does not require a special vaporization device, is convenient to handle, safe to use, and environmentally friendly.
7. The natural gas cutting gas cuts smoothly, with high smoothness, and there is no slag or slag on the cutting parts, which reduces the labor intensity and is at the leading level in the industry.
8. Natural gas cutting gas has low cost, mature use technology, and high profit. It reduces the difficulty of operation for users. It is recognized by the industry and praised by dealers, and has made a positive contribution to energy saving and consumption reduction.

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