How should the welding rotator be installed?

How should the welding rotator be installed

The installation and debugging of the equipment should be done when using the welding rotator. This is the basic requirement before starting the work. Next, explain how to install the welding rotator for users.
1. Matters needing attention before installing the welding rotator
(1) The welding rotator should be installed in a strong, ventilated, rainproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, and far away from severe vibrations and bumps. It is strictly forbidden to spray corrosive liquids on the equipment.
(2) When the active welding rotator and the driven welding rotator are installed at the same time, it must be ensured that the level of the main and driven welding rotator is equal, the centerline is on the same straight line, and the diagonal of the main and driven frame is measured Line way to adjust.
(3) The foundation of the equipment must be done. The welding rotator requires a concrete foundation, and the thickness of the concrete layer is not less than 200mm to ensure the normal curing period of the concrete.
(4) The dust at the bottom must be cleaned up during the layout process. If there are impurities, it will affect the normal use in the future.
2. When the welding rotator is installed, the equipment should be installed and fixed according to the installation requirements of general equipment. It can be fixed with expansion bolts (or fixed by pressing plates) to ensure the integrity of all parts of the equipment.

How should the welding rotators be installed

3. After the welding roller rack equipment is installed, check whether each part of the equipment meets the assembly requirements and ensure the normal operation of the electrical wiring of each part; check and clean the periphery of the equipment to ensure that there are no obstacles that affect the normal operation of the equipment.
4. After the equipment is installed, try to run the equipment for the first time;
(1) Before starting the motor, carefully check the wiring once. After confirming that the wiring is correct, turn on the power switch to start the motor. After checking that the direction of rotation is consistent with the desired direction, turn on the speed control switch, and adjust the speed control knob from small to large to the desired speed. The remote control box drawn from the control box is used to remotely operate the roller frame to realize the forward, reverse, and stop of the roller. Note: When changing the direction of rotation of the workpiece, you must wait until the motor is completely stopped before pressing the reverse button, otherwise, the motor or other components will be easily burned. After the work is over, turn the speed control knob to the minimum, turn off the speed control switch, and turn off the power switch.
(2) When starting the operation, there should be no abnormal noise and vibration. If there are abnormal noise and vibration, the fault must be eliminated; hoist the workpiece on the welding roller track for a test run for a week, and observe whether the workpiece is in close contact with the rotator and whether there is Otherwise, the placement position of the welding rotator must be adjusted. When everything is normal, it can be run officially.
5. When using the welding rotator, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the welding rotator.

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