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Why do welding robots need welding positioners?

Why do welding robots need welding positioners

The welding robot has 5-6 degrees of freedom and can reach any welding point within the operating range in practical applications. This can meet the requirements of the welding workpiece in the welding process. However, for some weldments with complex structures, if they are not changed in time, the ideal welding effect may not be […]

How to choose a welding positioner?

How to choose a welding positioner?

Welding positioner refers to equipment that can play an auxiliary role in the welding process. Welding positioner is mainly used for welding operations that require workpieces to be displaced during welding. Only in this way can a more ideal welding position and welding efficiency be achieved. The welding positioner can be used with other types […]

How should the welding positioner be maintained?

How should the welding positioner be maintained

In recent years, welding positioners have developed rapidly in the construction machinery industry and have been widely used. Has quietly become indispensable machine equipment in the manufacturing industry. Today, the welding positioner manufacturer Huafei CNC is here to explain the daily maintenance precautions of the welding positioner. The daily maintenance of the welding positioner is […]

12 purchase guides for welding positioners you don’t know

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The welding positioner is a very important auxiliary equipment in welding auxiliary equipment, usually used in conjunction with welding manipulators and welding robots. The welding positioner is mainly to improve the welding accuracy of the weldment so that the welding position and welding speed are maximized. 1. First, you need to determine the model of […]