What is a welding manipulator?

What is a welding manipulator

Automatic welding manipulator is a kind of equipment used in conjunction with welding roller frame, welding positioner, etc. The automatic welding manipulator has a variety of structural forms, such as fixed, rotary, etc. It can automatically weld the inner and outer ring seams, fillet welds, and inner and outer longitudinal seams of components. The automatic welding manipulator can also add auxiliary functions such as tracking, swing, monitoring, and flux recovery, and transportation according to user needs. We can design and manufacture various special dedicated operating machines for users.

What should I pay attention to when using the welding manipulator?

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The selected welding manipulator must have a better manufacturing process and a higher mechanical effect, otherwise, it cannot be used normally at all.
When using the welding manipulator, it must be accurately and reliably positioned and tightened. This can prevent and reduce the deformation of the workpiece during welding. Keep the workpiece in the ideal welding position, which is helpful to ensure the quality of the weld and the welding speed.
Try to choose generalized and standardized welding equipment to use. This helps the operating machine to be fully utilized.
The selection of supporting equipment, especially the rigidity of the fixture, the shape accuracy of the structure, and the dimensional accuracy have higher requirements. At the beginning of welding, specific requirements for welding fixtures are put forward in terms of heat conduction, electrical conductivity, magnetic isolation, and insulation.
In the process of using automatic welding operation, learn to use twisted pair for the rotary drive. Because only the welding manipulator can perform rotary drive, can it meet the stepless speed regulation requirements of the welding manipulator and obtain better welding quality.
The rotation speed of the welding manipulator should be controlled within the rated speed range. When the welding manipulator performs welding operations, the load received cannot exceed the limit of the maximum load it can bear. Do not change the welding speed at will during the welding operation, even if you want to adjust it, you need to follow the rules.
Pay attention to cleaning the dirt on the machine tool and guide rail every day to ensure the cleanliness of the machine. When turning off the gas supply, pay attention to emptying the residual gas in the machine.
You should also pay attention to observe whether there is lubricating oil on the surface of the machine's transverse direction, the longitudinal guide rail, and the rack to keep it well lubricated.

How does the welding manipulator column rotate?

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There are two driving methods for the column rotation of the welding manipulator, manual and constant speed electric. Manual operation is more commonly used in small welding manipulators. Constant speed electric operation is mostly used in large and medium welding manipulators, and their rotation speed is Generally 0.6 r/min. Not only that, in the rotation system of the elastic arm of the welding manipulator, a manual locking device is usually provided to ensure the safety of the equipment during operation.

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