How to operate a CNC plasma cutting machine

how to operate a CNC plasma cutting machine

How to operate the CNC plasma cutting machine correctly is a question worth exploring. Because the CNC plasma cutting machine is a kind of mechatronics equipment, the correct use method can improve work efficiency and cutting quality.

Operator training

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Before the plasma cutting operation, the operators need to be fully and systematically trained. The operator needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the operating CNC plasma cutting machine. Understand the mechanical structure and composition of the cutting machine. Master the axis distribution of the cutting machine, and firmly remember the positive and negative directions of each CNC axis of the cutting machine. Recognize the function and use of each part of the cutting machine. Also, we must know the working principle, function, and use method of the cutting machine.
The operator must be proficient in controlling the operation of the CNC cutting machine, and remember to control the movement of each CNC axis of the cutting machine. The operator must reach the level where practice makes perfect to deal with various situations encountered by the cutting machine.
Operators must be proficient in CNC program editing. The use of nesting software and CNC system should be reasonable and standardized. Also, different cutting parameters can be selected according to different cutting materials. Incorrect setting of cutting parameters will affect the cutting quality.

The operation process of the CNC plasma cutting machine

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1. Start the air compressor and air dryer.
2. Start the machine control cabinet.
3. Start the plasma power supply.
After the work is completed, turn off all power and air sources.
4. Use AUTOCAD drawing or use existing Solidworks files to directly convert to DXF format.
5. Import the part drawing in DXF format into FastCAM for nesting and conversion of the program. To facilitate the call and management of the program, save the program name as the drawing number of the part.
6. Copy the converted program into the control cabinet of the machine tool with U disk.
7. Set the process parameters according to the material and thickness of the selected program.
8. After setting all parameters, start the program to cut. First, adjust the parallelism of the steel plate and the track, and then select the type of cutting nozzle, cutting speed, and piercing time or adjust the current of the plasma power supply according to the thickness of the plate.
9. After cutting, turn off all power and air sources. Clean up the metal slag on the equipment.

Also, it is necessary to pay attention not to adjust the current of the plasma power supply too large when the CNC plasma cutting machine, it will affect the service life of the plasma and the electrode. Then pay attention to whether the cutting torch and the plate are perpendicular to each other, and avoid the incline of the cut section of the workpiece, which affects the processing quality. When the CNC plasma cutting machine is working, if there is an abnormality, you should stop working or press the emergency stop switch, but avoid moving the machine and the plate.

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