What harm does plasma cutting have to the human body? How to deal with it?

What harm does plasma cutting have to the human body

The harm of plasma cutting to the human body

The specific hazards of plasma cutting to the human body are currently inconclusive in the medical field and the industry, but from the situation I encountered, it still has certain hazards to the human body. In the short term, plasma arc light will severely irritate the eyes and cause eye damage. Long-term damage is mainly manifested in that the long-term influence of the radiation generated by the plasma arc will affect cell division and cause various sub-health states. Inhalation of the smoke or gas produced during the cutting process will irritate the respiratory tract and cause long-term disease.
The harm caused to workers during plasma cutting can generally be divided into two categories: physical factors and chemical factors. The former includes ultraviolet and infrared rays generated by high-temperature arc light. The latter is the various components of electric welding aerosols. The solid-state contains various metals such as iron, manganese, aluminum, chromium, lead, nickel, radioactive elements, etc., and the gas phase contains gases such as manganese oxide, hydrogen fluoride, and nitrogen oxides. High temperature, vibration, and noise are not obvious.

Plasma cutting fume hazards

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A large amount of dust and smoke produced in plasma cutting is harmful to the health of workers and the entire working environment, they invade the human liver, lungs, cardiovascular and blood through the respiratory tract, and severely swallow human health. Efficient cutting dust The removal system must be used to purify the smoke and dust generated during the cutting process. Since the cutting fume contains sparks or the cutting fume is flammable, unnecessary fire prevention measures must be adopted to minimize the risk of fire.

Plasma cutting gas hazards

The harm of toxic gases Under the action of high temperature and strong ultraviolet rays generated by the arc, a large number of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, will be generated around the arc area.
Nitrogen oxides are toxic gases with pungent odors, and the most frequently exposed nitrogen oxides are mainly nitrogen dioxide. It is a reddish-brown gas with a special smell, and when we inhale it, it enters the alveoli through the upper respiratory tract, and gradually forms a severe irritation and corrosion to the lung tissue together with water.
Mild carbon monoxide poisoning can cause severe dizziness, heartbeat, vertigo, weakness of limbs, vomiting, irritability, unstable gait, mild to moderate disturbance of consciousness (such as confusion, hazy state), but no coma. After leaving the poisoned place and inhaling fresh air or oxygen for several hours, the symptoms gradually recovered completely. In addition to the above symptoms, people with moderate poisoning have flushing complexion, hyperhidrosis, rapid pulse, and disturbance of consciousness manifested as light to moderate coma.

How to solve the smoke and gas hazards of plasma cutting products?

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For the treatment of soot and gas generated by plasma cutting, generally, two different methods can be adopted: dry treatment and wet treatment.

Wet treatment

Add a water bed under the plasma cutting machine. When cutting, put the workpiece in the water, and perform the cutting completely underwater when working, and the harmful substances produced during the cutting are captured by the water. This treatment method is also used more, but it will cause water pollution and form wastewater. Wastewater is also pollution and needs to be treated. And in a relatively cold environment, it is easy to freeze, which will affect wastewater treatment.

Dry treatment

Collect the smoke and dust during plasma cutting. The collection method can be side suction, bottom suction, or upper section. The smoke and dust are directly sucked into the pipe by the fan. Dust removal equipment is added behind the pipe to directly pass the collected smoke and dust through the dust removal. After the equipment is purified, it is discharged inside or outside the workshop. Within the design air volume, the purified smoke and dust can meet the environmental protection emission requirements.

Personal protection

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Safety protection is required when performing plasma arc cutting.
1. In the plasma arc cutting process, avoid direct visual cutting of the arc, and wear professional protective glasses to avoid burns to the glasses by the arc.
2. During the plasma arc cutting process, a large amount of toxic gas will be generated, so you need to wear a multi-layer filter dust mask.
3. Wear towels, gloves, foot guards, and other protective equipment during the plasma arc cutting process to prevent the skin from being burned by the splashing sparks.
4. The high frequency and electromagnetic radiation generated by the high-frequency oscillator during the plasma arc cutting process. It will cause damage to the body, and some long-term users may even have symptoms of infertility. Although the medical community and the industry are still inconclusive, protection still needs to be done.

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