What constitutes a CNC cutting system?

What constitutes a CNC cutting system

CNC cutting technology is an automated high-efficiency cutting technology developed based on precise and rapid cutting technology. An important part of the CNC cutting technology is the CNC cutting machine, which is composed of a CNC system, a programming system, a pneumatic system, and a mechanical operating system.

Numerical Control System

The numerical control system is an important part of the cutting machine, which consists of a computer system, a servo system, a control unit, and an actuator.
(1) The computer system is composed of a computer host, a monitor, and a keyboard.
(2) The servo system is a closed-loop control of the motor under computer control to realize the stepless speed regulation of the motor. Because the steel plate cutting site conditions are poor and the cutting speed is not high, the servo system mostly uses an AC servo system. The AC servo system has strong anti-interference ability, especially at low speed, the advantages are more prominent.
(3) The control unit is the switch between the computer and the manual control, and the center of the logic processing of the manual control and the computer control signal, that is, the center of the control signal, to realize the control of the computer, each motor, and each solenoid valve.
(4) The actuator includes motors and solenoid valves.

Operating system

Programming System

The programming system is a computer-aided system for parts programming and nesting developed for CNC cutting machines. The entire production process (including auxiliary processes) can be formed as a whole and organized systematically. Users can use the various graphic input methods provided by the system in the mode of mutual question and answer to easily and flexibly create and edit part graphics and realize steel plate nesting. Integrate modern production methods with modern management. The programming machine compiles the program on the floppy disk and inputs it to the control system of the cutting machine, and then starts the cutting machine to start cutting. Simple programming can also be carried out on the cutting machine.

Air system

Pneumatic System

The gas system includes various gas supply pipelines, valves, pressure reducers, pressure gauges, and solenoid valves. The on and off of each gas circuit are adjusted in advance and then controlled by the control system to realize automatic on and off.

Servo drive system

Mechanical Operation System

The mechanical running system consists of beams, frames, speed reduction mechanisms, lifting mechanisms, etc. Due to the realization of automatic control, higher requirements are put forward for the accuracy of the mechanical operation system. Such as the straightness of mechanical operation: 10m±0.2mm.
Because of the use of a computer control system. The entire cutting production process: including steel plate leveling, shot peening, painting, drying, cutting parts programming nesting, powder spraying and marking, part cutting, numbering, and storage, etc., can all realize automatic management. This greatly improves production efficiency. Equipped with precise and fast cutting technology, the cutting quality can reach machined Ra12.5μm and Ra6.3μm. It is a technological method that makes cutting from mechanical blanking to mechanical processing.

Advantages Of CNC Cutting

The CNC nesting software effectively improves the utilization rate of steel through computer drawing, parts optimization nesting, and CNC programming, and improves the work efficiency of cutting production preparation. The CNC cutting machine effectively controls and improves the cutting quality and cutting efficiency through the cutting technology, cutting process, and automatic control technology provided by the CNC system that is the controller.

Disadvantages Of CNC Cutting

Due to the higher cutting efficiency of CNC cutting, nesting programming is more complicated. If the optimized nesting programming software is not used or is not used, the steel waste will be more serious, resulting in faster cutting, more cutting, and more waste. The numerical control system is the controller, which is the heart of the numerical control cutting machine. If the numerical control system is not used well, or the numerical control system does not have the necessary cutting technology and cutting experience, it will lead to cutting quality problems, thereby reducing cutting efficiency and causing waste of steel. It also lost the advanced nature of CNC cutting automation, high efficiency, high quality, and high utilization rate.

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