What is the price of the CNC plasma cutter?

What is the price of the CNC plasma cutter

The price of a CNC plasma cutter will be relatively large due to factors such as production process, structure, and configuration, etc., generally between 1500 and 7000 US dollars (this price is the price without plasma power supply).

Factors affecting the price of CNC plasma cutter

1. The strength of CNC plasma cutter manufacturers

When users buy a CNC plasma cutter, they must first understand the strength of the manufacturer, whether the production experience is rich, whether it can meet your customization needs, and how long is the delivery time.

CNC plasma cutters price

2. Configuration of CNC plasma cutter

(1)The frame structure of the CNC plasma cutter
The frame structure of the CNC plasma cutter is different. Our CNC plasma cutting machine adopts integral mold casting, and some CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers do square welding, which greatly reduces the service life of the CNC plasma cutting machine.
(2) Drive mode of CNC plasma cutter
The price of a CNC plasma cutter will vary depending on the driving method. Stepper motor drive is generally cheaper than servo motor drive, and the cutting accuracy will be lower. We adopt Japan's Panasonic all-digital bilateral AC servo drive, which greatly improves the cutting accuracy.
(3) CNC plasma system
There will be some differences in the price of CNC plasma cutting opportunities due to the different CNC systems selected.
The price difference between using a Hypertherm CNC system and using other non-brand operating systems will be relatively large.
(4) Planetary reducer
The function of the planetary reducer is that when the machine starts and stops, there will be an acceleration or deceleration process to reduce the damage to the cutting torch during an emergency stop. This will also affect the quality and accuracy of plasma cutting to a certain extent
(5) Plasma cutting torch
Using branded plasma torches is more expensive than non-branded plasma torches.
(6) Whether equipped with arc voltage automatic height adjustment device
The arc voltage automatic height adjustment device can automatically adjust the height of the cutting torch according to the height of the plate when the metal plate is uneven, preventing the torch from being damaged by impact.
(7) The difference between the workbench
The workbenches of the desktop CNC plasma cutter include a dry workbench, dust suction workbench, and sink workbench. The three types of workbenches will also affect the price of plasma cutting machines due to their different structures.

3. After-sales service

No one can guarantee that there will be no problems with the CNC plasma cutter during its use. But when we buy, we must be able to ensure that when there is a problem with the machine, we can communicate with the technicians in time to solve the problem and avoid affecting production.

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