Solutions to failures and common problems of CNC plasma cutters

Solutions to failures and common problems of CNC plasma cutters

In the working process of CNC plasma cutters, various problems sometimes occur. If it is not handled properly, the CNC plasma cutter will affect the production of the enterprise. Therefore, in daily production, enterprises need to understand the failure phenomenon of the CNC plasma cutter and how to solve it.

Failure analysis and solution of CNC plasma cutter

cnc plasma cutter air pressure gauge

1. Air pressure failure and processing air pressure failure are only the working pressure of the machine is too low or too high.
(1) The air pressure is low. When the air pressure is too low, the jet velocity of the ion arc will decrease, the air input will not meet the cutting standards, and the slit will be jagged, which may cause the slit to increase and affect the quality of the entire slit. The air pressure is mainly due to the insufficient air input of the air compressor and the low adjustment of the control valve pressure. If there is dirt in the solenoid valve, it may cause insufficient air pressure. To prevent the above situation, it is necessary for the staff to closely observe the output pressure of the air compressor before using the machine, and make corresponding adjustments according to the actual situation so that the working pressure of the machine can meet the requirements. Check the inside of the machine regularly. If there is dirt inside the battery valve, clean it up in time. If the air passage is small, the working air pressure will also decrease. At this time, the air pipe needs to be replaced according to the actual situation to make the air pressure meet the requirements.
(2) The air pressure is high. If the working pressure of the machine is too high, the arc column will be blown away and the cutting strength of the plasma arc will decrease. The main reason for the high pressure is that the failure of the air conditioner or air filter safety valve is unreasonable. To avoid this situation, employees should test the air pressure before the machine runs. If there is a malfunction during the operation of the machine, the pressure reducing valve should be replaced. Ground wire The machine tool and the signal ground wire are connected to the same ground, waiting for the common ground and then grounding. To connect the power cord of the imported machine, we also need to consider the existence of multiple taps, so we can only connect in a specific way based on the actual situation of the power supply.

cnc plasma cutter nozzle

2. Torch nozzle failure and treatment
In some cases, due to installation problems of the cutting tip, the cutting tip may be damaged during operation. Also, if the amount of cooling water is insufficient during work, the torch nozzle may be burned. Therefore, before using the torch nozzle, the baffle should be adjusted according to relevant standards. The torch nozzle is firmly installed, and the cooling water circulation device is opened in advance to effectively control the temperature of the torch nozzle.

3. Input voltage failure and treatment
During the maintenance of the CNC plasma cutter, the low voltage may occur during operation, mainly due to local circuit failures. To avoid this, check the power grid related to the machine before use to ensure that the power supply voltage meets the working voltage requirements of the CNC plasma cutter. Set the installation location of the machine reasonably and try to keep it away from large electrical equipment to avoid electrical interference. The machine is properly maintained.

4. Spark generator failure and treatment
When the control board is out of control, there is a problem with the gap between the discharge electrodes of the spark generator, so plasma arc combustion cannot be performed normally. The spark electrode gap of the spark generator can be adjusted to make the spark generator work normally. Also, the surface of the discharge electrode should be as flat as possible so that the spark generator can be discharged periodically. In the process of screening working gases, specific choices should be made according to actual conditions. When the plasma cutter is operating normally, the working gas flow rate is required to meet the requirements of the plasma jet. When the gas flow rate is too large, the heat loss of the plasma arc that affects the jet length reduces the cutting ability. If the gas flow is too small, in this case, the cutting will not reach the effective depth and slag. At present, most plasma cutting machines control the gas flow rate through air pressure and control the gas flow rate to a variable with a fixed aperture to achieve this effect.

Problems and solutions in the working process of CNC plasma cutter

Common troubleshooting of CNC plasma cutter

1. Work pressure does not meet work standards. When the working pressure is low, the jet velocity of the ion arc will decrease, making the airflow not meet the cutting standard, thereby affecting the smoothness of the slit. If the air pressure is severely insufficient, it is easy to cause the slit to widen, which has a great influence on the overall quality of the slit. The lack of air pressure is mainly caused by dirt in the solenoid valve and insufficient air input from the air compressor. Therefore, before cutting off the machine, the relevant parameters of the air compressor should be closely monitored, and the parameters should be adjusted according to the actual situation to make the working pressure reach the load. When the pressure is too high, the plasma arc column will be blown away, and the cutting strength of the plasma arc will decrease. Excessive air pressure is mainly caused by unreasonable air conditioning. The failure of the air filter safety valve may also cause excessive air pressure. Therefore, the relevant personnel should test the air pressure.

2. The plasma arc torch nozzle releases a lot of heat during the cutting process, and the local temperature of the torch nozzle is too high. If the cooling water cannot be replenished in time, the torch nozzle will easily burn out. To avoid the above situation, in the process of using the torch nozzle, you should first adjust the standard position, stabilize the torch nozzle, and open the cooling water circulation device in advance to ensure that the temperature of the spray gun nozzle is controlled within an appropriate range.

cnc plasma cutter

3. If the machine is poorly grounded. Due to the long working time of the CNC plasma cutter, it may lead to the aging of the circuit, resulting in poor grounding. If the ground wire has an insulating layer, it will limit the normal function of the ground wire. Therefore, the plasma cutter needs a separate grounding tool, and check the wiring before use to ensure the quality of the grounding wire. If an aging line is found, it should be replaced in time.

Based on summarizing the actual work, it summarizes the problems and precautions that need to be paid attention to in the installation and debugging of CNC machine tools, hoping to provide references for future operators. With the development of the machinery industry, the original professional knowledge and ability can no longer meet the actual needs, only continuous exploration, continuous learning, and the road of technological innovation.

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