What is the cost of a CNC plasma cutting machine?

plasma cutting VS laser cutting VS water jet cutting VS oxyfuel cutting

As a manufacturer of CNC plasma cutting machines, we are often asked how the cutting costs of plasma cutting, laser cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, and waterjet cutting compare? We compare the costs of these four cutting methods from three aspects.

Cutting method Purchase cost Running cost Cutting speed Cutting quality
Plasma Low Low Fast General
Oxyfuel Low High Slow Poor
Waterjet High High Very slow Excellent
Laser High High Fast Excellent
plasma cutting

The cost of purchasing the machine:

Regarding the cost of purchasing the machine, the lowest cost is the CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine. You only need to pay the price of the machine and the gun head to buy a high-quality oxy-fuel cutting machine. CNC plasma cutting machine needs to add a plasma power supply to the cost of the CNC oxy-fuel cutting machine. Plasma power supply varies according to the brand and the price of the power supply, but the price of a plasma cutting machine is mostly less than 100,000 US dollars. The price of a CNC laser cutting machine varies according to the required laser power. The price is basically stable at 100,000 to 500,000 US dollars. If more power is required, the price may reach 1 million US dollars. The CNC waterjet cutting machine requires an ultra-high pressure booster pump, and the price ranges from 100,000 US dollars to 350,000 US dollars depending on the size and options.

oxyfuel cutting

Cutting the cost of cutting machine:

Flame cutting uses a bottle of oxygen in about 25 minutes. The price of a bottle of oxygen is about 2 dollars. 4 bottles of oxygen consume 1 bottle of acetylene. The price of one bottle of acetylene is 15 dollars. It consumes about 2.4 bottles of oxygen and 0.6 bottles of acetylene per hour. The result is: 2×2.4+15×0.6=13.8 USD (the price of consumables varies from place to place, this price is for reference only)
Plasma cutting assumes that a 200A plasma power supply is used, the power is about 30km, the industrial electricity consumption is calculated as 0.086 US dollars per kilowatt-hour, the original electrode cutting nozzle is calculated as 20 US dollars per set, and the calculated service life of each set is 5 hours. The power consumption per hour is 30 kWh, and the loss electrode cutting nozzle is 0.2 sets. The result is 30×0.086+20×0.2=6.58 USD (the price of consumables will vary from place to place, this price is for reference only).

water jet cutting

However, the speed of plasma cutting with a thickness of 20mm is 2.5 times that of flame cutting. If flame cutting gas does not use the acetylene and uses cheaper propane to offset 0.5 times, the flame loss is actually two hours, and the plasma loss is only one hour. Through calculation, it can be known that in terms of usage cost, plasma cutting is lower than flame cutting by USD 7.22 per hour.
The cost of a laser cutting machine will be slightly higher, usually estimated at about $20 per hour. It is generally considered that the water jet is the most expensive, usually estimated at 30 US dollars per hour (the price of consumables varies from place to place, this price is for reference only).

laser cutting


Without considering the production efficiency, it is impossible to complete the discussion on the operating cost of the CNC cutting machine, because the production efficiency of different cutting methods is different. Generally speaking, the plasma cutting speed is the fastest, the laser cutting efficiency is the second, and the water jet cutting efficiency is the slowest. Of course, there is also the oxy-fuel cutting method. Its speed is relatively special. It is the fastest for thicker carbon-containing metal sheets, but if it is a more common thickness, its cutting speed is about that of plasma cutting speed. Half, but still faster than waterjet cutting.
Of course, the cutting quality of these four cutting methods (right angle of the edge of the finished product, and the amount of tin slag attached to the bottom of the cutting, etc.) are also different. In this regard, we have plasma cutting VS laser cutting VS flame cutting VS water jet cutting As mentioned in the article on cutting.
The prices mentioned in this article will vary from country to country, so please refer to the local price.

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