What is the difference between a CNC cutting machine and a CNC router?

CNC plasma cutter whole machine

The CNC cutting machine refers to a workpiece instruction (or program) used to control a machine tool or equipment, and is a new control method given in the digital form. When this instruction is provided to the control device of the CNC automatic cutting machine, the cutting machine can automatically cut according to the given program. Numerical control cutting is composed of two parts: the numerical control system and mechanical structure.

The CNC router is composed of three parts: computer, router controller, and router host. Working principle: The design and layout are carried out through the special engraving software configured in the computer, and the information of the design and layout is automatically transmitted to the router controller by the computer, and the controller converts the information into a stepping motor or The signal (pulse train) with the power of the servo motor controls the host of the router to generate the X, Y, Z three-axis engraving tool path base diameter. At the same time, the high-speed rotating engraving head on the router cuts the processing material fixed on the worktable of the host machine through the tool configured according to the processing material and can engrave various flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and texts designed in the computer. , Realize the automation of carving.

cnc router

CNC router includes woodworking engraving machines, stone router, advertising router, glass router, laser router, plasma router, and laser router, with a very wide range of applications. It is mainly for carving wood, plexiglass, artificial stone, ceramics, jade, and metal. The CNC plasma cutter can cut various materials of metal, and the cutting speed is relatively fast; the CNC laser cutting machine can cut metal, leather, and plastic materials; the flame cutting machine can only cut carbon-containing metals.
The purpose of the CNC cutting machine and the CNC router are different. The purpose of the CNC cutting machine is to cut off, which is what we understand to cut off the edge of the workpiece; while the CNC router only cuts a shallow mark on the surface of the workpiece, and cannot cut the workpiece. Understand as a half-cut.
The thickness of the workpiece cut by the CNC cutting machine and the CNC router is different. The CNC router is relatively simple. As long as the thickness exceeds the groove, it can be engraved. However, the CNC cutting machine has a cutting range. Generally, flame-cutting is recommended for steel plates over 40mm. For other thinner metal plates, plasma cutting machines can be used, and laser cutting machines can only be used if they are thinner. If it is used beyond the scope, it will damage the cutting gun head and even cause damage to the power supply.
They also have many similarities, and they can all be operated through the numerical control system, or they can be directly imported into the drawings for automatic cutting according to the drawings. Will cause certain damage to the environment, because there is too much dust, so all need to be equipped with large vacuum devices.
At this point, we can actually find that if the workpiece is not cut through, it will form a half-cut. This effect is equivalent to engraving. So many cutting machines can actually be used as engraving machines after certain settings. This is specifically required According to the site conditions and the operator's skills to control. Therefore, how to use it is determined according to the workpiece and its purpose, and the material of the workpiece is subjected to different process operations according to different needs.

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